All to the demonstrations!

On September 27th, we call all the youth to the European student strike against climate change and those responsible for the current environmental catastrophe that our planet is suffering: the big capitalist companies and the governments who serve them.

We want to denounce the hypocrisy of all politicians who defend the capitalist system that, all over the world, try to join our movement to take advantage of it and strip it of its anti-capitalist character. Those who declared their "concern" for the environment and their solidarity with the student protests allow the capitalist companies to continue destroying nature.

The situation of decay of our planet has specific causes: the capitalist method of production, which does not care about wiping out everything as long as it can secure profits for the ruling class. 71% of global CO2 emissions are produced by one hundred companies and 10% of the richest people are responsible for 49% of global emissions.

The big lie of green capitalism

Neither their "environmental protocols", which are useless, nor their maneuvers can trick us. And neither the Green parties, which, when they have reached governments, like in Ireland or Germany, not only failed to achieve ecological improvements, but have defended the interests of the big companies and supported the austerity plans of the Troika.

In Spain, we have to denounce the supposed "good ecological management" of the PSOE government, which in reality has not taken any action to solve the climate crisis. If Pedro Sánchez wants to fight against climate change, he should nationalize all the electricity companies to be public and cheap and to stop the destruction of nature; guarantee a public, quality and free transport to end pollution; expropriate polluting companies and transform them to become ecological ... The only option to save the planet is to fight against the main economic capitalist powers.

Everything we achieve will be thanks to the mobilizations and to the struggle. That's why September 27th we will again empty the classrooms and fill the streets in the demonstrations that will be held that morning throughout the State.

This is not only a fight of the youth, but of all of us who suffer the consequences of the dictatorship of a handful of big capitalist companies. Therefore, we call the workers’ unions, CCOO, UGT and alternative unions to call a 24-hour general strike to incorporate workers into this battle. The life of our planet is in danger.

We demand:

• Nationalization of energy companies (electricity, mining companies, oil and gas companies, wind and solar energy companies, etc...), and a public investment plan to establish a 100% ecological and sustainable energy industry. No to energy poverty!

• For a public, free, quality and ecological transport network. Massive investment plans to make cities 100% ecologically sustainable.

• Nationalization of the automotive, aeronautical and naval industries, and transformation of their production to make them ecologically viable and non-polluting.

• Nationalization of the land, the livestock industry and the food processing industries. End the capitalist exploitation of the oceans. For a sustainable, ecological and healthy diet!

• Public recycling companies under the democratic control of workers. Stop doing business with environmentalism!

• For a sustainable production democratically planned by the whole of the working class and youth. For socialist and ecological transformation of society!